“Kalos: Processing” is loosely inspired by the calotype, a 19th century long exposure photography process. The word is derived from the greek work Kalos, which means “good” or “beauty” depending on the context. This series is driven in part by material and process exploration. I have been transferring digital photos onto steel, using patinas and layers of various media to create depth and exposures. The content has primarily been an introverted look at personal experiences and decisions. They are reflections. I am constantly questioning and evaluating each decision and allowing myself to make intuitive choices that are mostly reactions to ideas of self, identity, and accepting my own work. This series may be ongoing, and because it has been created as reactions, the works are still processing as self reflection is a constant evolution.

topher gent canvas self portrait photography
Untitled Self Portrait2019acrylic on canvas, photo transfer on steel​frame: 13.5x13.5x3.5" canvas: 12"x12" steel disc: 6" diameter
Lustrum2019mixed media, photo transfers on steel36" x 12"
detail sit topher gent mixed media photography torso
detail sit chair topher gent mixed media photography
Palm Sunday2019mixed media, photo transfers on steel
topher gent palm sunday detail hexagons
topher gent palm sunday hexagon detail mixed media photography
topher gent self portrait mixed media photography
Untitled Self Portrait2019mixed media, photo transfers on steeldiptych - frames: 12" x 12" x 2" steel discs: 5.625" diameter
detail topher gent self portrait photography
topher gent mixed media photography detail self portait
detail topher gent self portrait art
untitled topher gent photograph steel mixed media
Untitled20198.5" diametersphoto transfers on steel, steel frames
topher gent mixed media photography self portrait
topher gent mixed media photography self portrait detail metalwork